peanut butter rich and creamy easy spread down you go -lEni-kawaii


Friday, February 27, 2009

staring at you again

so i`ve noticed !!! .. its just only one month ti`ll my birthday sighh .. just got one wish this time .. hehe .. those who know me well , you probably know what it is^^,
just got the exam case today .. here we go again .. just gattering some information .. hope this will go smoothly as the last exam case .. aja aja go go GOOoo


i see you later

its getting warmer wohhaaa .. the sun is peeping out , warms my face .. end of february and end of the winter equals soon spring and evn getting closer to summer YEIJJ .. no more jumper dresses no more big jackets no more freezy feets and hands .. can finaly use my new ballarinas .. i only need a pair of new sunglasses and its all good ..
dreaming of cooling my feet under wather on my fav beach place .. making sandcastles ..digging my feet under the warm sand .. eating icecream to cool your head down ..
only 4months to go .. ill be waitin
just waking up this morning wid the sunglance over me .. it felt nice !!
lastnight went great .. met the girls .. been like ages since i`ve seen them .. updates commin soon

gimme um

hello there how kawaii .. source:drop


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

yo drop, yo snap

lock inside the bedroom


merry go round round

ojt as always .. laundray-day to day .. not so much this time only 2mashins weeehh !!
was a abit too early, pics pics muna HAHaa ..
tomato soup wid maraconi on the menu .. so see yuu *_^


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

eye contact

got surpriced huh .. hehhe .. siiiikeed
pic`s from saturdaynight