peanut butter rich and creamy easy spread down you go -lEni-kawaii


Saturday, January 31, 2009

i got the blues

i saw the signs, and i was right
not good at all...well see nxt prepaird for it then
goona looosen up this weekend...take it all out..
im hir in Jessheim now
till nxt time folks
when its all steady

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

big city life

how i miss london..been a while since i was there..getting tired of this place..
big city life so looooooong for it*_*
tokyo, new york, miami, seoul, south-africa my dream...



Monday, January 26, 2009

knocked out

all the back and fort has really hit me out..feelt it this morning..
oll of tha suddn i got this strange as hell, hands cold and white, shakeing...
somebodys trying to speak to me, tryin hard to listen, felt like watching a slow movie..lost my balance and some seconds after i found myself on the floor, pale as hell..this bounch of people over me...need to breakdown HUH..i think so :S

Saturday, January 24, 2009


woke up earlyr than i in the morning..
nice view outside, no slurpy look..just pure and white falling from up in cottonland..haha..friziing cold inside..forgot to close the window b4 i slept..sjhhhnivelss*_*
boildup some wather, made me a cup of nuddles..studens breakfast yu know;P
got my warm blanket on with a cup green tea and lemon enjoying the view outside..niceee
early as it is...browsing over the newspapir at,no ...snørrunger on the air doing their game..haha..those kids shit..crack butter crack..haahaa
"jeg trudde jeg var homofil, men nå ser jeg at jeg ikke er det lenger..."
my morningcrack this day^^ HAHaa
watch it on youtube

put me down

lately i have had some problem sleeping...sleeping late and waking up early.. lots of headache these past days...the clock is in the morning...please fall to sleep soon..



Thursday, January 22, 2009

one of them days

Feel like going outside and walking barefoot in the snow so I get sick and have a reason not to go outside.
Some kind of mix of boiled up emotions surfacing as it is close to 6.pM on a thursday night.
one week of ojt is over, 6 more weeks to tomorrow early again...
Don't worry about me I'll be fine in the morning,,hopefully


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

River Flows In You

i got my CoCo beside me...warmer full up heated..compfy blanket over hello kitty sox on..dimed light and my music for this week...relaxing ..weekend sooon..good, i got the cold shnivelsss ;S


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

all about the sweet look

i found something, hidden back the drawers..hahaha...yeh thats me..haha...such a kikaykiddo back then. babyblue was the thing... 2003 i think HAHa:S

Friday, January 16, 2009

someone out there

lifes hard when you dont have the one spesial beside you..really gets me in a bad mood seeing all the couples out there..beeing all smooshy smooshy..they say that theres one out there spesially for it true, im starting to question that still young..but how long will i stay like this..not for long..


naahh folks..everything is all mind are in peace now..good thing you came,
i can relax now..ayyyt

well the truth?? wish i could be with the someone thats spesial to me^^ but im not nagging,he will come..haha..TIME TIME i got lots of time, if fate allows me so, cant never predict the future, ask a fotrune teller?? nahh not my thingy, who believs on that crap, sorry for those who believe, but crack!! i dnt care..its bullshit ok!! you yourself make youre own fate, dont make others make it for you..believing on something stupid, if you do you only live your life true them, live your own live man!! carpediem as they say..HAHa^^

well today was a long and stressfull day..starting at day OJT.. got off early ..friday folks!! some free time, not for me, have work again..its saaad yeh..but ill be off early tomorrow..some shityshit with the folks after *_^

i went to Oslo city...met Aly-kebab there..gave her her iPod..was a big hello and crackhead!! not even telling me your going on a vication, sunnybeach huuuhh?? need that right now..feeling yellow. . HAHa.. want a tan look..this friking weather HuuH... met some of my classmates, coffee& chikas hehe, and off they went.. beeing in town why not look around, vindow-shopping?? well at first it was, but i had to buy me some pair of shoe, saw something i liked on INDISKA..kawaii shoe^^ me liked it so i bought it..was at Zaras..gosh saw a couple of shoe..IN LUV..bad thing i cant afford it now..maijnn..what do you call it..pokpok shoe..haha..someday ill buy you!!

this is tha shoe i want^^ Dior..a dream gurglleleee;O

anywhoo!!.. was a tiny demonstration ..i dnt have all the information about the demonstration, but what the heck!! kids that makes trouble widout even knowing or have the intress about the demonstration, just doing their thing destroying the city..using that as an exquse of having fun..what has commed in this world?? friking out!!



Thursday, January 15, 2009


back in Lillestrøm ...!!!!...
F overslept this morning, but made it on time to work, thanks to me for waking him up..HAHa^^
school didnt start b4 ..took the train home..daymN!! a long and boring trip..nutting much to music, no magasin, no one to talk to, no people on the train..just me and my cellphone...
played QuadraPop on my bored wid it and took some snapshots...BORED!!!

i slept forthamostly on the trip
was back in Lillestrøm at the buss immediately to reach the i did ! HAHa^^
3houres of math..i loved the teatcher! making the learning funny, good good i got the lecture today....headed home after, stoped over in KIWI, got to have some milk..a glass everyday ayt ayt^^
saw a wird big man on the buss way home..looked first quiet, then he suddenly began to yell and talk to himself..srange guy huh..i laugh..haha..a good thing he didnt noticed me :S

at school doing math

im tired..been along day as you see...mmm..feel sick, sore throat, headache
so long folks

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

burger shop

thought working on a gasolinstation and doing this would be a piece of cake???.. F introducd me to a game..i was good at first, daymN, after some round it got worse..had a breakdown and yelld out loud..Burger Shop dude..funny game..haha..making fastfood ..rally stressfull..your eyes get varm.. HAH !!...

it aint easy..haha..try it you click hir

a chill day ..woke up late as always, sun on my eyes..nice view outside..its Lillehammer yaaa^^ went to the town with F, met L there..Sale hunting..haha..nice purchases today..pants,shirt,hoodie..habi habi price;D;D HAH

outside props to F for taking this pic

Kiwi..nice to have around when your out of cash

just looking around

ughh...cout on sale..HAHa

F wanted to buy a Flaxlodd

wasnt oure luck this day huh..daymn

on the way home...foodmaking^^


Meet the chef...HAI^^



See yah folks...


Monday, January 12, 2009

flash backs

monday again..waaaak..
cnt remember since i had a lesson in math..i think over 3 yirs ago..
finaly finish with anathomy, starting on something fear..Calculations and Measurements of scared how its going to go..i hate math...i took a look on the book..seemd ok...
think so???? but it kills me..spend more money,gotta buy some new books again..broke as hell ryt now......gotta do tha do .. maijjjjnNN...

after looking on my on wednesday and thursday..ended hir in Lillehammer..hir i am;D probably be hir ti`ll thursday shoe is hir..cnt live wid out them..haha..thats the only reason i went hir...HAH..well and see how L & F are doing..drink coffee and chittchatt..hahaa
nutting to do at the moment..i turned up the tv ..shocking.. a documentary about pirce implant..
i have this intress of watching really wird stuff on tv..i love discovery channel and natural geography..unfortunatley i dnt have a TV at my place..have been living widout tv for a year now..surviving HAH!! gonna buy TV soon..anywhooo!! the documentary yeh..just take a look at the pics was hard on F to see this...hahaha....dayMnnn!!


what thA FUck!! crazy as hell....
thought how it would be to stick his finger through his scrotum..finger him self??..daymm..haha

did it hurt?? ehhhhh.....



Friday, January 09, 2009

taking it slowly

cnt really get some time for myself huuuh..
school started again after a long and painfull painfull i mean preparing for the exam,after 2 weeks of wakoooness,believe me,its hard comming back and put yourself to read the damn book again..huuuh!!!
but comming back to the school bench wasnt that harssh..nice to see the girls again.!!..laughfing and making jowks..actually the day was related to do some case,you guess how it ended up huh..yaaw!! ..not that good haah..the weekend feeling...
DONE and GONE with the case..heading home to the comfy bed ...a bottle of icecold beer..chill...
thought of getting some rest, it went the other way...dude!! so restless...had to do something..and yeh..i cleend up the appartment ..beeing only 14kwm..wsnt that hard!! my stuff are organizd..
a good sight HAHh

reading true the news again..people went bananas lastnight..terrorising the street of Karl Johan Oslo..after have seen the street this morning..aint a good sight...Gaza trouble....heard there is another demonstration tomorrow...weel see where i goes..
its 11pm and im hungry!! a fluffy muffin is waiting to be eaten.. some hot coco and music ...its ON !! HAH!
notte folks

Thursday, January 08, 2009


like evryday i go true the news papir true the nett..why buy it when you can read it for free via their webbsite??..hahaa...but anywhooo!!! reading true the news in VG my eyes got ct on some funny shit..a man got himself fixed to the ski naked under tha tooohtooohh..unbealivable...hilarious.!!!..poor guy though..i feel for him..HAHAHA...
take a peep for youreself..!!!

butt crack crack..


finised the anathomy exam went good i think,better than i had hoped for..just waiting for the results..

thinking back.....mmmm...hahaha...ill keep it for my self ...haaah..!! *_^


Wednesday, January 07, 2009

oN top of the CAKE.!!!..??

why the feeling of beeing stumped aint a good feeling maijjjn...!!!!..
plans were settled..and that harsh message...ahuuuuu
and on top of that, my nerves are full...friking the hell hir sitting on the top of my desk writing this shit..eating grapes..(grapes are good for your brains,,makes you smarter???.)..someone told me so..true or not...try it you.!!..for me?.i dnt feel any smarter though..jst eating it bcoz its the only foody i can reach for now..kind of lazy right now..friking now dude!!
6hours left to study
8hours till the exam starts
i hate you yeh you...
so long....

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


ahhhuuu...I am officially freaking out..AIGOOooo!!!..

i couldnt resist myself.!! ..i had to take a peep on the nett..jst have to let this out..
thought that i was going to make this..but im starting to get tha feeling of not making it...its soon....the exam i mean huuuuuhh...on Thursday...damn you..!!...friking cold as hell......
i think i got the cold again ;O
hir i am trying to read...its hard ANATHOMY yeh!!! two days to reading 3books...haaardt liv maijn...
i have quit smoking as a newyirs resulution..5days now..making it making it untill now!! im this near of breaking down....

Sunday, January 04, 2009

hiR i aM heLLo ^^

fiNally hir..mwahahhaaa...
boredom showed me the way...
you hear from me soon ayt
-- kapish --